who is this guy anyway?

Oh, hi there!
You seem to have stumbled upon the portfolio of one Casper Blæsbjerg (hey, that’s me!). Here you will find a small selection of some of my doings in graphic design, art direction, illustrations and other creative endeavours.

I am a committed and creative mind with several years of experience in advertising and the fashion industry. I always work with a great passion and a professional pride for what I do, and with the attitude that anything and everything is possible and no project is too small or insignificant.

I can currently be found roaming the halls of DYNAUDIO A/S as Senior Graphic Designer in Skanderborg, DK.

For any questions, inquiries or if you just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact me at hello@casperblaesbjerg.dk

… to be continued (indefinitely)