Hi-Fi starts with Emit
DYNAUDIO | Emit launch campaign, 2021
Creative concept | Art Direction | Graphic Design
The Concept
It all starts with Emit.
That’s the idea. The Emit series is Dynaudio’s entry-level product for the aspiring hi-fi enthusiasts. It’s for the music-lovers who wants to take their first steps into proper high-end hi-fi and we want the Emit system to be their trusted partner. With this campaign we wanted to show exactly that, so with a series of photos depicting a 30-something couple in their reasonable-sized apartment somewhere in the city, going through life and taking their aforementioned first steps. They listen music, watch movies and play games. Together and by themselves. The campaign copy reflects this too: The best Sunday afternoons start with Emit, movie night starts with Emit, beautiful beginnings start with Emit and more.
It’s about real people in real situations.
The Team
Concept and campaign: Casper Blæsbjerg, John Steward
Art direction and graphic design: Casper Blæsbjerg
Creative Director: John Steward
Photography: Thomas Juul
Lights: Jesper Westh
Interior styling: Anja Alfieri
Retouch: Mogens Wittrup, ELI 
Models: Cherie & Alexander​​​​, Basic CPH

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