Every memory has a sountrack
DYNAUDIO | Product activation campaign, 2023
Creative concept | Art direction | Graphic design
To re-activate the Dynaudio Evoke series of loudspeakers in a way that appeals to the emotional side of music and its listeners, rather than focusing on the purely rational side of technology or materials. We need to show people that music is as much a part of life as eating or breathing for many people – and that having a high-quality system can really help you get the most from it in terms of sheer listening enjoyment.
People who buy the Evoke range care about music and films. This is a high-end speaker. They care so deeply about their collections that they’re willing to part with thousands of Euros on their system. But speakers are just things.
We want people to identify with Evoke through music, films or whatever they listen to. The speakers themselves are conduits for that emotion.
Every memory has a soundtrack. What's yours?
The Team
​​​​​​​Concept and campaign: Casper Blæsbjerg and John Steward
Art direction and graphic design: Casper Blæsbjerg
Creative Director: John Steward
Video: Henrik Kastenskov

Digital execution: Adjust Digital

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