Handmade with love in Denmark
DYNAUDIO | Heritage Special launch campaign, 2020
Creative concept | Art direction | Graphic design
The concept
Real. Beautiful.
The Dynaudio Heritage Special is a passive standmount speaker that combines classic Dynaudio styling with modern acoustic technology. It’s a tribute to the best parts of the speakers that have made Dynaudio great.
We want to be honest about where and how Heritage Special is made. And these speakers are 100% made in Denmark. That’s why the entire photoshoot is done at the actual Dynaudio factory in Skanderborg, Denmark, at the actual bench and machine where the cabinets are made. It’s a modern factory with modern tools and we needed to show that, but giving it a nostalgic treatment too.
We aimed to bring ‘classic’ back. So we concentrated on those hazy, warm, sunny autumn afternoons. Soft light, lots of emotive ambiance and a strong connection to craftsmanship. It’s as if one of the cabinet craftsmen, has put a speaker on the bench and walked away to fetch another cup of coffee or gone home for the evening. We wanted to capture the speaker almost ‘naked’ in a snapshot of the manufacturing process.
The Heritage Special is handmade with love, right in the heart of Denmark.
The Team
Concept and campaign: Casper Blæsbjerg & John Steward
Art direction and graphic design: Casper Blæsbjerg
Creative Director: John Steward
Photography: Thomas Juul
Lights: Jesper Westh
Retouch: Mogens Wittrup, ELI 

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