Brand Guide
DYNAUDIO | Branding and visual identity, 2023
Art Direction | Graphic Design
The What
The Dynaudio Brand Guide is the holy scriptures of which this Danish high-end loudspeaker company’s visual identity, tone-of-voice and brand is built upon. It’s a complete set of design and copy guidelines to ensure a clear, consistent and coherent brand across all countries and platforms, no matter where you are and what you do.
We make sure to go through it, maintain and update relevant parts every so often, so we’re sure to always be up-to-date with our own brand and the world around us. Most recently this was done at the end of 2023.
Everything in the guide should highlight the fact that Dynaudio is a straight, reliable, premium brand – and that we understand our users’ needs.
Read the most recent full, uncut version here:
The Who
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Casper Blæsbjerg
Creative Director: John Steward

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