DYNAUDIO | Contour i Nordic Silver campaign, 2023
Creative concept | Art direction | Graphic design
The concept
Be at one.
This new finish might be Italian-made, but it’s Nordic in spirit. It conjures up images of beautiful wintery scenes, snow-covered trees and cozy days inside.
Why ‘silver’? Because grey is cold and forbidding. Silver is magical and evocative; it makes you want to run your hand over it to feel the real wood. And it’s sustainable – totally aligned with modern Nordic values.
The overall concept, is one of ‘hygge’. Silvery speakers allied with silvery winter outside, but nice and warm in the house. It’ll be all hot chocolate and cozy listening. Bringing some of the outside elements in. 
A sustainability angle, so it’s also about being part of nature - both in yourself, listening, and with the natural world itself. While this is high-end, it also has a real musical slant to it. The guitar in the corner; the records on the floor and music posters on the wall.

It isn't too tidy.
The Team
​​​​​​​Concept and campaign: Casper Blæsbjerg, John Steward
Art direction and graphic design: Casper Blæsbjerg
Creative Director: John Steward
Photography: Thomas Juul

Video: Henrik Kastenskov
Interior styling: Helene Kofoed Sørensen, ByHelene
Make-up artist & stylist: Anne Rimmer
Retouch: Mogens Wittrup, ELI
Model: Claus, Basic CPH

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