Mini Star 2015

app, web & graphic design (redesign)

In 2015 I was tasked with optimizing and redesigning LegeKæden’s Mini Star campaign from 2014.

This, among other things, involved implementing graphic elements from LEGO Friends®, who was now an official sponsor of the competition, and adding a new “pop version” of the LegeKæden theme song, which the whole competition was build around.


Graphic Designer




Kid:vertising Agency



The App

The main focus of the whole campaign, where the kids have to sing along with the LegeKæden theme song in three different versions: original, reggae and pop – with pop being the new version added in 2015.

Campaign Website

The main hub for the campaign, where all the contest entries were added directly from the app and the kids and their families could vote for the best entries. It’s also were all the info, rules of the contest and prizes were listed.

LEGO Friends® graphic elements were implemented throughout the website in 2015.

Campaign Posters

I created a campaign poster for the LegeKæden stores and two extra localized posters for Ringo stores in Norway and Lekia stores in Sweden.

TV Spot / Commercial

I made some graphics for a 25 second TV spot that ran on channels in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. | (+45) 2482 8475 |