Kidz Delight Viral Videos

concept, storyboard, film shoot & post-production

A very fun project made for the toy supplier InToy with support from the toy manufactorer KD Kidz Delight.

The idea was to make a viral video, where we put two kids in the shoes of adults and in “adult situations” seen through the eyes of children.

The first video centering on a coffee machine (and a clear reference to Nespresso’s George Clooney commercials) was very popular and a big success with the clients. So popular it spawned a sequel the year after – this time centering on a “smart watch” for kids and spoofing non-other than James Bond.

I worked on both project from the very beginning to the very end.


Art Director, Graphic Designer & Illustrator




Kid:vertising Agency



The Coffee Machine

The story of how our main character is trying to impress the girl, but nothing works… Until he uses the Coffee Machine and all of a sudden the girl is all over him.


After we came up with the overall structure of the story we wanted to tell, I made the storyboard penciling out the plot details. I also added the locations and props we needed and tried figuring out the shots and camera angles for each scene.

Film Shoot & Production

We filmed the whole thing in one day at Bulldog Digital Production’s studio, which we set up to look like a high end New York café. Some small changes were made to the story on location, since our two young film stars didn’t always act the way we wanted them too. But with some creative editing in post-production the whole thing came together in the end.

The Boy with the Golden Watch

The year after the first video, we were hired again to make a follow-up to the first one – this time making it a “double-cross spy movie” theme.

In the video we follow our secret spy as he gets a new mission on his “smart watch”. He does his best to impress the girl, but in the end she’s the one who tricks him. | (+45) 2482 8475 |