Kids Coolshop

visual identity, logo design & much more

In the latter half of 2016, five previously LegeKæden toy stores and the webshop decided to get together and make their own new chain of toy stores.

Kid:vertising Agency was hired as their advertising agency and was among other things tasked to make the entire visual identity and branding of this new chain – including name, profile and logo.

I started the project on the name/logo aspect and the overall visual identity was then created and developed from that point.


Graphic Designer & Art Director


Kids Coolshop


Kid:vertising Agency


2016 – 2017

Logo Design

Created on the basis that I wanted something kid friendly, but at the same time trying to appeal to a bit older target audience (10-12 year-olds). I ended up with a somewhat both comic book and street art inspired design – playing around with both a 3D-esque shadow and a weighted “invisible” stroke, while also implementing’s existing logo.

Mester K, YouTube & other digital media

Mester K is Kids Coolshop’s main communicator and their own YouTuber. A created character designed to entertain and communicate to a target audience and generation that keeps getting more and more digitally minded from very early on – the so-called digital natives.

I came up with a spin-off logo for the character and designed most of his online presence on both YouTube and Kids Coolshop’s other digital media.

POS, instore & other prints

I implemented the graphic style taken from the logo and adapted it to the rest of Kids Coolshop’s visual identity and brand on everything from instore and POS material to business cards and print ads. | (+45) 2482 8475 |