Kids Coolshop Toy Catalogs

layout, design, photo shoot & editing

In 2016 when Kids Coolshop hired Kid:vertising Agency to take care of the branding and visual identity of their new toy chain, they also ordered the production of 3 toy catalogs to come out throughout the year.

Our biggest challenge was to come up with a new visual style that clearly differentiated them from the LegeKæden style we used to make for them and at the same time kept to the new branding and visual identity we had created for Kids Coolshop as a whole.


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Graphic Designer, Layout & Photo Editor


Kids Coolshop


Kid:vertising Agency


2016 – 2017


In 2017 the themes where: Grand Opening, Summer Fun & Christmas.

The Christmas catalog was the longest at 124 pages and the Summer Fun catalog was 2nd at 56 pages.

In early 2018 four new stores joined the chain, which led to a Grand Opening, part 2 catalog. This is the last catalog I worked on. | (+45) 2482 8475 |